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How satisfy when you have apartment from your hard work. Usually, you never think about the size both small and large. Actually, live alone matches with small apartment because you will not get trouble during treat this living. If you want to know, I have the right apartment design. This dwell is filled with catchy furniture in the exact size. Okay, the example is the apartment size sofas. By the way, you can see them in more designs. Alright, it is started from the first design with splendid sectional sofa with graphite microfiber cover in tufted pattern. This bobkona furniture is enhanced with noticeable brown wooden legs.


Next, you are recommended with the innovative beige leather sofas. This mini white apartment puts two sofas on the living area. Even though, both items have the different shape and size. In the picture, you see the living room furniture forms the stylish sofa bed. The l shaped sectional is cladded with white mattress from the sophisticated seating. Further, there is cool vintage white sofa with sectional backrest. This neutral lounge chair is adorned with tufted pattern and also the snazzy cushions. Afterward, it makes the exciting small living area. Fourth, it is the cute loveseat in dark brown and white color. This simple seating looks alluring because of the pillowed reclining.


Hereinafter, I show the charming light blue apartment sofa. It stands on the sleek brown laminate floor along with the trendy area rug. This futon furniture has decorative metal bases and also the tufted pattern. In the other hand, it has long sofa console behind the backrest. Obvious, this space can be used to lay down the back so that it becomes the large sofa bed. Sixth, you get the elegant moss green apartment sectional sofa. It is designed from fabric which is put on the glossed black wooden frame. Then, I adorned this seat with spellbind patterned cushion. Such as you know, the same outlook is afore in the form of the mini ottoman coffee table.


Now, it is the last design of the apartment size sofa. I have the eccentric Mediterranean style with whit blue abstract pattern. The sofa stands on the white floor and the dark grey shag rug. Further, it is adorned with orange color cushions and the throw blanket. Here, it comes for the yellow living room in the usual house. Each interior design can take it as the best seating furniture style.




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