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The best paint color for a bedroom depends on several things. They include the style and taste of the space owner. The room’s size and lighting are also important factors to consider because they affect any color applied on the walls. Beige paint, however, is the most favorite choice among bedroom owners. The color has warm nuance, which can evoke cozy and inviting feel. It’s even able to fit rooms in any size and style. Since beige is a neutral color


You should know neutral colors are not limited to the light ones. They also cover dark tones, like brown, gray and black. To create great elegance in a bedroom, the most effective way is applying black paint on the walls. Painting the entire wall in black is allowed as long as the room is large. However, you should also install windows to let in natural light. This will ensure that the room is still in balance. For a bedroom with limited space, apply black on one or two walls only to avoid smaller feel.


Gray tends to be dark, but you may use it in a kid’s bedroom. I suggest you to combine the color with white to avoid mature look. For example, paint three walls in gray and the remaining in white. Decorating the windows with white blinds is also a smart idea. Don’t forget to induce cheerfulness in the room. One way you can do is adding the walls with cartoon decals.


Meanwhile, women usually love to spend their times in a calming and cool space. Turquoise is a color which can bring such quality into a woman’s bedroom. Although inspired by nature, turquoise also offers modern look. Just apply the color on the entire wall. Particularly for wall behind the bed, try to make wavy pattern there. Thus, the room can also have artistic statement. Turquoise and white bedding set will take the beauty and comfort of the woman’s bedroom to the next level. Let’s get ready to paint!




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