Before incorporating any furniture in a living room, you should first determine the right wall paint. Choose a color to serve as good background for white furniture. If you’re the biggest fan of white, then just apply it on the entire wall. After that, bring the white furniture pieces, which may include V-shaped sofa and square ottomans. A modern, clear glass coffee table will be an interesting addition. To avoid monotonous look in the room, you previously need to install wooden floor tiles.


A French living room naturally provides a nice space for white furniture. White itself is one of the French style’s typical colors. You certainly have to purchase white furniture in traditional style which can fit the French room. A white tufted sofa with arch backrest is a perfect example. Combine the sofa with a chair in the same design, and then place a white coffee table featuring carved legs in front of them. Adorn the table with traditional cloth and candle holders to get greater beauty.


White furniture pieces often look too nice. If you want the pieces to also exude elegance, combine them with a dark rug. Take inspiration from the displayed living room that accommodates two white sofas and one white chair in modern design. The three pieces can appear so elegant because they stand on a dark gray rug. The combination of dark and light colors even has created awesome classic impression. I love white living room furniture!


Living room is a place to relax, gather with family and entertain guests. Good planning is required to make the space functions optimally. Furniture is one of the most important components for any living rooms. If you want a living room to feel spacious and inviting, white furniture is an excellent choice to be included. The white color may also be able to express your personality.




Photograph by Wayne Chasan






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