Long Lasting Kohler Bathroom Fixtures for Satisfying Bath

Do you remember about Kohler brand? I have ever discussed it with one of the home furniture design. At this time, I come back with the Kohler bathroom fixtures that cannot be separated from the appliances. Firstly, I carry the intriguing grey beach themed bathroom. It has the catchy large white enamel freestanding tub under […]

Introducing the Étagère Bathroom as the Familiar Toilet Storage Ideas

Furniture storage design has many names base on the function or style. One of them is the étagère bathroom. Perhaps, you wonder about this strange term because it seemly not comes from English language. Indeed, the name of the furniture is taken from France in which the design is specific. Okay, I give you little […]

Red Accessories for Spirited Bathroom Decoration

What do you think about red bathroom accessories? Red palette in the bathroom would be a really good way to make an interesting bathroom design. Surely, there are a lot of things that you can get from the red accessories, even it could fulfill the bathroom. The red accessories are not only accentuate the space, […]

Alluring Bathroom Vanities Chicago Inspiring

What do you think about the function of a vanity in your bathroom? Bathroom vanity is one of the most essential things. This item is the centerpiece of your bathroom that serves great functions such as storage, sink, and so on. If you live in Chicago and want to find some nice vanity designs, you […]

Awesome Bathroom Vanities Atlanta Inspiring

Are you desperate to find new vanity for your bathroom interior? Don’t worry, today, this post will be useful for you to know some cool bathroom vanities styles. The main focus of our article today is to inform various bathroom vanities Atlanta that will help to furnish your bathroom and give nice statement to the […]

Decorative Bathroom Towels – Ideas to Stun the Outlook Inspiring

If you make any observation to some bathroom designs, there will be only some white towels fill the tower storage or even the hanging one. Yeah, it is just too plain looking at that neutral towel look, and sometimes it contributes to the pale nuance of the vibe. Therefore, why don’t you replace the white […]

Bathroom Vanity Houston Shares The Best Outlook in Town Decor Inspiring

Exhibiting stunning style with very simple decoration, a bathroom with turquoise painted wall gives its awe differently. The concrete wall above the bathtub shows gorgeous scratched pattern for artistic look, and the brown shower curtain brings the perfection into the vibe as well as the others. Your sight may stop at the small, simple and […]

Black and White Accessories for Captivating Bathroom Ideas

This black and white bathroom looks classy and dark. Even though it looks dark, but this bathroom seems to be a nice choice that you can get. The black wall paint in the bathroom would make the space looks dark and private. It also has a black and white bathtub that would be a good […]

Stunning Bathroom Light Fixtures Brushed Nickel Ideas

Don’t underestimate the role of lighting fixture in our bathroom. With perfect lighting fixture, we can set vibrant mood and restful feeling in our bathroom interior. If you want to go classy, some lighting fixture options with brushed nickel materials might be great. We offer you plenty of options for bathroom light fixtures brushed nickel […]

Upgrade Your Bathroom with Endearing Hardware Sets Decor Ideas

From time to time, we certainly want to upgrade our bathroom interior, don’t we? Maybe the most significant update that takes a lot of money is the bathroom hardware set. It includes some items such as vanity, cabinets, sinks, and so on. Today, we have some images showing nice bathroom hardware sets that could help […]