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Bedroom can be a romantic space if you add it with a chandelier. You may previously think that chandelier only fits dining rooms; in fact, the beautiful light fixture has become common choice for bedrooms. Installing chandelier is an easy way to create stylish and dramatic impression. The lighting will also serve as a marvelous focal point. When selecting chandeliers for bedrooms, there are a few thing you should take into consideration, including the style and placement.


Chandeliers come in various styles, but the classic ones are the best choice to bring drama into bedrooms. Classic chandeliers are also versatile light fixtures; they can work very well in traditional and contemporary spaces. They’re even available in a wide selection of materials. If you want to evoke romance as well as luxury in a bedroom, then hang a big, classic crystal chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. Don’t let any items to block your view from the lighting. Allow the chandelier to emit its light and charm optimally.


For humbler option, use a chandelier made of wood. Such light fixture will help a bedroom to feel warm, calming and inviting. It can also deliver country nuance. You may make the wooden chandelier to hang in the center of the bedroom ceiling. If there’s a wonderful bed in the space, it’s better to hang the lighting over the bed. The light from the chandelier will illuminate the furniture, turning it into a more attractive piece. If the room owner doesn’t want the chandelier to dazzle eyes when he or she is sleeping, then make it closer to the bed’s foot.


Teenage girls also love romance, but they’re not interested with something too dramatic. Therefore, a small classic-style chandelier is already good enough for a teenage girl’s bedroom. It offers great beauty, but not overwhelming. The chandelier can look lovelier if presenting pink accents. Hang the light fixture in the bedroom ceiling; then combine it with pink and white bedding set and pink furry rug to get a more feminine feel. Chandeliers are the ultimate lighting for bedrooms!

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