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The sleek line usually characterizes a modern bathroom boldly. Interior designers have brought minimalism into all rooms of the house, and bathroom is no exception. A sleek modern bathroom can look much more special if it also offers cool impression. Installing sophisticated lights, attaching unique tiles and incorporating stunning fixtures are several ways that every homeowner can take to have a cool, sleek bathroom.


People often give positive reactions when looking at a cool bathroom. They’ll say the design is very smart. In fact, creating a cool, sleek bathroom isn’t always a difficult task. The simple combination of black and white tiles has even been able to produce cool nuance. However, you should select and install the tiles properly. White tiles made of marble are great choice; install them on the floor and three walls. Leave one wall for the black tiles, so the overall look of the bathroom will remain bright, minimalist and sleek. Black stone tiles with slightly rough surface are suggested to enrich the bathroom textures.


If a bathroom is small, installing multiple light fixtures is recommended to open and brighten up the space. Consider the use of square recessed lights because they can emit bright light optimally without taking space. Their modern design even helps the bathroom to appear cool. Involving a few pendant lights, however, is also good idea. Make them to hang over the bathroom vanity. Light emitted by all of the fixtures will be reflected more beautifully if you attach small blue glass tiles on the walls.


A sleek bathroom offers you easy and pleasant look due to its lack of decorations. However, don’t hesitate to incorporate stunning fixtures in order to get cool feel. Just make sure they also have slim or sleek design. This white oval bathtub is a great example. The bathroom fixture will look even more stunning if you surround it with tiny light fixtures mounted on the floor. When you feel that the bathroom is too modern in look, create balance there by bringing natural elements, like stone tiles, wooden platforms and sunlight. Are you ready to give your bathroom a cool look and feel?




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