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A traditional hammock provides you a place to sit very comfortably, but it unfortunately cannot stand by itself. You’ll need to find two trees or poles to tie the hammock. In this post, I’ve displayed a few contemporary hanging lounge chairs which offer great relaxation, just like traditional hammock.


Okay, let’s begin with this green hanging lounge chair. Already coming with a curved black iron pole, the cool piece is able to stand by itself. It functions optimally without relying on other components. Take a look at the floating seat that boasts bold modern character. It also has a small umbrella to block sunlight. Such lounge chair is perfect for outdoor area.


The next one is also a freestanding hanging lounge chair. The seat design interestingly resembles teardrop. It comes in awesome black and added with several comfy white pads. The owner places the chair in a corner of a small outdoor area. Around the piece are lovely green plants evoking beautiful and natural atmosphere.


If you want something more natural, consider the displayed two hanging, teardrop wicker chairs. They don’t stand by themselves but hung from the ceiling by strong chain. A furry beige blanket complements each of them. Hanging from a tall tree’s branch, this rounded wicker lounge chair is rather similar to a traditional hammock.


The round piece, however, only relies on one tree. No one needs to worry for using the seat because there are strong white ropes that ensure optimum safety. The chair amazingly hangs over a very wonderful lake, and all around it is a peaceful green garden. White pad and multiple pillows complement it and promise great comfort. A person can use the round hanging chair not only for sitting, but also to lie down relaxingly. Make your leisure time more enjoyable with a hanging lounge chair!



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