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There are many ways to beautify a bed. One of the easiest ways is by adding the furniture with headboard. A simple headboard is already able to make big statement, so you don’t have to think of the intricate one. The piece amazingly can also give a finished look to a bedroom. Here are several cool headboard designs for bed.  Cool headboard doesn’t have to come as a complicated or intricate piece.


It actually can be as simple as an old door. If you have an unused, old wooden door, don’t throw it away! Clean the piece from all dirt, and then use it as a headboard for your bed. Prepare nails, screws and drill to do the installation process. A bed with wooden door headboard will look so unique and cool. Such furniture will be perfect to complement a country-style bedroom.


For bedroom owners who have no time in working on DIY projects, their main choice is purchasing a bed with built-in headboard. Such bed is available widely in furniture stores. If they want something unique and elegant, my recommendation is this dark wooden bed which features a curved headboard. Look at the curvy piece that steals big attention. Hanging on white wall behind it is natural tree branch evoking greater uniqueness. The elegant bed also provides space underneath for several storage boxes. Which headboard design attracts you most?


Any piece of wood can also be transformed into a cool headboard, but make sure its size fit your bed. It will be better if you attach foam on the piece with glue, and then upholster them. If you’re a woman who wants beauty and freshness, blue or green patterned fabric is the appropriate material for the upholstery. The last step is installing the upholstered piece on your bed’s head. This kind of headboard will provide a place to lean your back comfortably while reading book.




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