Small space for a living room seems to be not good enough. However, you can get a nice place for it even though you have a small space. The small living room that you have would make the space becomes a really good choice that you can get to make an entertaining living space. This narrow living room could be a nice model for a small living room design. The white flooring and beige wall paint on this space seem to be a nice choice for this space. There is also a violet sofa with some throw pillows in front of the television.


There is also a beautiful round carpet below the sofa. The simple TV storage on it would also make the space even more endearing.  On the other hand, there is also beige living room that looks so awesome. The small space in this living room is not big problem since you can get nice place. The orange sofa with a small round glass top coffee table in front of it would be a really good furniture choice for this space.


Moreover, there is also a tufted accent chair in this space. A blue scheme living room in this space looks small but amazing. The blue palette within all space on it would be a really good choice that you can get. There is a blue sofa>/u> set with a glass top coffee table in front of it. The rectangular shape of the table makes the space looks more eccentric.


A small space in the living room is not a really big problem since it could be a really cool way to decorate the space that you have. Even though you have a small space, but you can get a beautiful space on it. Therefore, designing a small living room is not a really big problem.









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