A long sofa would be a great choice for a seating. The long space on it would be great for seating since you can get a lot of space on the sofa. There are a lot of long sofa designs that you can choose. This kind of sofa would be a great choice for a living room design.


This brown sectional sofa seems to be a nice choice for this living room design. The minimalist design of the living room would be a great choice that you need for this kind of design. The brown sectional sofa in this space is a long seating that you can get. The long space on it would be great for a lot of people on it.


Then, there is also a long white sofa, which would be a great choice for a living room. Even though this sectional sofa has a simple design, but it would be awesome for this contemporary living room design. The simple design of it combined with the contemporary decoration idea would be a nice choice that you can get.


Meanwhile, there is also a long sofa with checkered motif on it. This sofa is longer than an actual sofa. The longer space that provided would also need a bigger space in the living room. However, this long sofa design is a worth thing for this living room design. The splendid design of it would be a great addition for the living room.


A long sofa would be a great furniture choice for a living room design. Whatever the interior design in your living room, but you can get a splendid looking space by having this kind of furniture. The stunning view with more seating on the space would be a great addition. Therefore, it is recommended for any living room design.









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