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Do you like Rihana? If you love and follow her, of course you know about the recent title of the song. She has the love song in the name of the California king bed. Certainly, you not only listen the meaning of the song but also see the video. Okay, the Cal king bedroom sets are amazing indeed. Therefore, I attract to demonstrating the designs through this article. Here, you will know more about the furniture and the layout design more than in the Rihana’s video.


Well, it is the luxurious classic king bedroom from California style. The admirable engraving wood furniture is adorned with soft grey and gold colors. Meanwhile, the king bed is added with classy leather tufted pattern headboard and wall panel. Seemly, this room wants to giving the extraordinary extravagant in calming atmosphere. The calming idea is personalized from the dark grey wall paint color and the white framed glass doors. Alongside that, there are some plantations as the indoor garden idea.


The most important thing this space is glamour and fancy. Actually, it is seen from the exquisite marble floor design. Next, I bring the cozy neutral king bedroom on the warm sleek brown laminate wood floor. This beige room with white molding wainscoting is filled with the four extra items. It consists of the double drawer nightstand, sleigh king bed, corner chest of drawer, and dresser table. Those furniture styles take solid wood material in glossed dark brown tone. Definitely, they make this sleeping area more alive and pleasurable.


Furthermore, it is the beautiful white bedroom with black wooden furniture sets. White stucco wall is decorated with mini framed painting. Afterward, it mixes the sleek laminate floor and the corner window. Such as the second picture, it has the main furniture design in elegant outlook and sense. Nevertheless, I add TV stand with shelves and drawers. This room feels fresh for the eyes and the body. Hereinafter, I have the eclectic loft king bedroom with corner town view. The unfinished laminate floor is filled with the dark brown espresso wood furniture with gold accent.


Lastly, I return with the pretentious vintage Cal king bedroom sets. This ombre grey bedroom color provides stylish corner sliding glass door to outside. Cool white engraving wood furniture sets are beautiful and charming. Moreover, they are adorned with the stupendous displays and the tufted leather pad too. In addition, this space has magnificent captivating big crystal chandelier. What a great!



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