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A normal kitchen is used for cooking everyday; water and oil must often splash on the walls and floor. That’s why the room is called as a wet zone. The kitchen can always be functional if the flooring has great resistance to moisture and heavy loads. Slate tiles are the most ideal flooring option for kitchens with high traffic. The tiles are made of a mixture of natural stone, silt and clay; formed under high pressure and temperature. They’re so durable and waterproof. The floor tiles usually come in beige color as you can see in the displayed traditional-style kitchen featuring wooden cabinets.


Slate tiles are indeed hard and durable, but they’re unfortunately available in a very limited choice of colors. If attractive look is what you require most from your kitchen, then use ceramic floor tiles. Although not as hard as slate, but they come in various colors to choose. You may even install ceramic floor tiles in two different colors, for example brown and beige. There’s the possibility of more beautiful and attractive look if you can install the tiles in checkerboard pattern. Ceramic tiles for kitchens has formed and designed with specific purpose, so they will not have too slippery surface.


What about wooden flooring? A kitchen with wooden flooring inevitably feels warm and inviting. However, you should know that wood is not a material with good resistance to water. After about ten years, wooden flooring will get damage, and you have to install the new one. Thus, it’s more suitable for a low traffic kitchen. Every kitchen owner finally needs to decide the best flooring for his or her own kitchen based on personal style, purpose and budget.


Kitchen flooring generally can be categorized into two types: the durable floor and the one, which requires renovation after a few years. The choice of material becomes the main factor causing certain floor can be durable or not. The kitchen itself is a wet zone; it’s also an area with high traffic. If you install floor made of inappropriate material, this can endanger any person who works there. He or she may fall down due to slippery flooring. You can get important guide to kitchen flooring ideas and materials from the following paragraphs.




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