Not long again, we will leave this year and enter in the 2016. Of course, you don’t want to leave it without any souvenir from this year. Keep remember this year with something memorable. One of them is with bringing the best kitchen design 2016. You can see this cool small kitchen with compact floor plan. The green wall color is beautified with the u shaped black white pantry cabinets and potted plants.


The u shaped cupboard has glass storage doors and sleek metal hood. Here, it combines the base cabinet with lively black top and the sophisticated appliance. Although this space is not large, you can leave it because the beauty. This space has fresh sense from the wall color. Further, the sense is perfected with the outdoor lighting and the catchy flush mounted ceiling lamp. Then, the kitchen is also mixed with the dining area.


As usual, we will not give you one reference for one topic. Next, you can own this rustic kitchen design as the best idea. Substantively, this space is large and luxurious. The shabby chic outlook is showed through the admirable icicle chandelier. Here, it faces off the noticeable glossed dark brown molding wood kitchen island. Meanwhile, the u shaped pantry cabinet takes pale charcoal white wood. By the way, both kitchen items have the snazzy white granite stone countertop.


Even though, the pantry cabinet is designed glamour. Definitely, you have seen the fascinating glass door with wrought iron grille. Further, the hidden kitchen hood is adorned with candle lights and carving pattern. Even, there is pretty patterned backsplash over the stove. Each kitchen design of course has window treatment. This space shows off the wonderful nouveau curtain with Spanish style. Alright, those are the remarkable kitchens as the best design and reference. Bright which one you like!





excellent-best-kitchen-design-and-black-wooden-kitchen-island-with-white-marble-kitchen-countertopAppealing Best Kitchen Design and Modern Stove Set with Brown Wooden Dining Table






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