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There is a lot of mantel decoration for fireplace that you can try. Making the fireplace beautiful would make the space looks more entertaining. Even though fireplace is mean to warm the space inside, but you need to beautify it as it is the focal point in a living room. Having a fireplace in living room is a cool choice but you need to beautify it for more.


This white fireplace mantel looks awesome with the Christmas decoration on it. The white palette of the mantel seems to be awesome with the ornamentation on it. Some Christmas vines as the decoration would make the space even more endearing. There is also star accessory in front of the black mirror that would make the fireplace looks more outstanding.


A simple white mantel with less ornamentation on it would also be a nice choice for a living room. There is a black modern fireplace below the mantel. Two classic paintings on it would be a nice decoration for this fireplace. The simple design with endearing decoration on the mantel would make the space even more entertaining for sure.


Then, there is also stone fireplace mantel that looks great for a traditional living room. The stone mantel for this fireplace would be a great choice since it is already unique and amusing. It is also different from the white wall paint that surrounding the living room. The wooden board above the stone mantel would be great to place some accessories on it. There are a lot of ways that you can do to beautify the fireplace. Since there are a lot of fireplace designs, you need to make sure that it looks great for the living room as well. The decoration on the mantel would be a good choice to beautify the space for more.




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