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Most exterior doors measure about 36 inches in width and 80 inches in height. However, you can choose also other standard sizes. Homeowners rarely use smaller exterior doors than 32inches, but in some cases where there’s limited space, they often become the main solution. If limited space is also a big issue for you, then I will recommend a 30-inch exterior door. Although small or narrow, the door is still quite ideal. An adult can still pass through it easily, without any problem at all. Some ornaments will even make the door look beautiful as well make it feels enjoyable to everyone who comes inside this space.


30-inch exterior door comes in various styles, including French, country, ranch, etc. You may use it as the entry door for your home. However, it can also work well for the rear, giving you nice access to the backyard. If you want your home exterior to have French character, install a white, 30-inch front door featuring glass panel. This will create lovely and inviting nuance, so that neighbors will not hesitate to come. Try to make a more harmonious appearance by flanking the door with glass windows. You may also give it a special theme. When Christmas season has arrived, don’t forget to hang round wreath or another attractive ornament on the door.


Good exterior doors can be opened easily and closed securely. They are also able to withstand all weather conditions. A few common materials to manufacture exterior doors are wood, fiberglass and steel. If your requirement is a warm home exterior, I suggest you to install a 30-inch front door embracing country style. The unit should be made of dense natural wood for ensuring its durability. For making the door to also look elegant and wide, combine it with a bronze handle and fixed windows.


Just like other exterior doors, 30-inch door can be made to swing inside or outside your home. If you live in a state or city with normal climate, it’s alright to install exterior door which swings in. In states with high winds, like Florida, the best choice is certainly outswing doors. An exterior outswing door has the ability to block wind, so this will protect a home occupants from wind in better way. 30-inch exterior door is indeed small or narrow, but it works perfectly like other standard-sized doors. Every homeowner should not hesitate to use it as a front door or rear door.




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