Take a look at these shabby chic interior schemings! Certainly, they make each people jaw dropping with the unique décor. I admire these rooster décor ideas very much because the concept is awesome. Each person can do it with the easy found item. Okay, this rooster window décor is fantastic. The brown wooden console table is decorated with two potted plants and the cock statue on the braided trays. As though, the potted plant is surrounded by the egg pebble stone.


Then, see this original rooster décor for the social area. Such as you know, this brick stone house has catchy dining area in front of the kitchen. The simple long table is adorned with the yellow mum flower centerpiece. Further, there is round chandelier and the corner shelves. Over the blurred glass wall cabinet is the round tray with fruit picture. Aside the storage is the doorway with printed pattern decoration. Besides that, there is charcoal wall cock display over the white built-in ministry.


Next, it is the appealing modern rooster dining area. It has mini dark cock statue on the short dark metal end table. Exactly, it is under the wall wooden shelves and the hanging wrought iron roman clock. Meanwhile, the main area is filled with the rustic long narrow black wooden table. Further, it is decorated with patterned table mat and the potted plant. Besides that, the furniture is combined with the mid-century padded chairs.


Fourth, it is the antique rooster décor for the dining room hutch. The white charcoal wooden sideboard is adorned with the twin cock lamp shades and the unique carved holder. Then, there are some framed paintings and the wall mirror. In addition, this space is enhanced with the small chandelier. Overall, rooster décor ideas are antique with nature theme. Obvious, the concept of this interior décor is not difficult and exciting.









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