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Modern kitchens must boast modern island countertops. The work surfaces are usually made from manufactured materials, such as glass, concrete, marble, stainless steel, etc. Flat and smooth surface is the main characteristic of the island countertops, some of them even present shiny look. They also offer great resistance to fire and cracking. Glass kitchen island countertops, however, are the most popular choice among homeowners.


Glass is one of the most important materials for modern design; it can create a bold sophisticated feel in any rooms. Employing glass as the main material for kitchen island countertops is certainly a smart idea. The work surfaces will be able to provide excellent flat surface, allowing cooking activity to become more comfortable and easier.


As long as the manufactures use high quality glass, then you don’t need to doubt the durability and safety. Glass kitchen island countertop can appear more modern and shinier if you fuse it with light fixture. Marble is actually not modern material; it has been used even since ancient times. The natural material, however, never goes out of style.


People always love it until today. For a modern kitchen, white marble island countertop is the best option to install. The work surface must exude not only beauty, but also brightness. Combine it with black base to get a more awesome look. You can further beautify the countertop by putting small yellow flowers on it. Concrete is not too beautiful in look, but it offers high durability.


Compared with glass and marble, concrete is also much more economical. Incorporate a concrete island countertop into your kitchen to upgrade the space without spending a lot of money. You may apply white coat on the work surface in order to get nicer appearance. Hanging modern light fixtures over the countertop is another way to draw eyes to it. Modern kitchen island countertops can be so popular because they offer high functionality and durability required by most kitchen owners.



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