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Brightness always goes together with spaciousness. Therefore, open the windows every time possible. Let the incoming sunlight to bring brightness and make openness. Don’t let the windows blocked by bed, chest of drawers, chair or another furniture piece. If you still want the bedroom to feel larger than its actual size, then incorporate mirrors, as they have reflective quality, which can fool the eyes. You may simply hang or lean them on walls. To make much more impressive statement, install mirrored doors on the bedroom’s closet.

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Without good organization, however, the bedroom will not be perfect. Think about an organization that can minimize clutter or mess. The little room needs to look more pleasant and easier for the eyes. Utilize nightstands with drawers, floating shelves, or another space-saving storage pieces. Don’t forget to use the closet optimally because it provides the most spacious space to accommodate various items.


Last but not least, try to arrange the bedroom furniture as functional as possible. Bringing too many pieces should be avoided, just keep to a minimum to maintain spaciousness. A sofa or couch offers great comfort, but I will not recommend it for a little space. It’s better if you also do not incorporate a piece with unclear purpose or function because it takes up space ineffectively. Then, make sure that any furniture does not block your walking path in the bedroom. Those are smart decor tricks to apply, right?


A tiny space can look bigger with a few decor tricks. I will share the tricks here and you will find they are very simple. The right application makes a small bedroom to feel spacious. The first step to do is painting the entire wall in light color, for example white. This way has never failed to create the illusion of larger space. You should also minimize the use of dark pieces or accessories in the room.




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