Red Accessories for Spirited Bathroom Decoration

What do you think about red bathroom accessories? Red palette in the bathroom would be a really good way to make an interesting bathroom design. Surely, there are a lot of things that you can get from the red accessories, even it could fulfill the bathroom. The red accessories are not only accentuate the space, […]

Charming Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas Offer Clean and Fresh Aura

Size is not the main priority of modern design. You’ll be able to apply modern design in both small and large bathroom. When there’s commitment to give modern look for a bathroom, creating spacious feel there is a must. Installing mirrors, glass shower enclosure and floating vanities is common way to take. If privacy is […]

Fill Your Bathroom with Over Toilet Storage Idea

How do you decorate your bathroom lately? Do you only concern about the outlook without considering the function. Yeah, you are right that today’s bathroom is more than any ordinary bathroom in the past. Today’s bathroom is more flexible and of course functional rather than the one it used to be. Now, it is comfortable […]