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In a bathroom, vanity works as a highly functional unit. It usually comes with sink, faucet, mirror and even cabinet or drawers. One can use the unit not only for washing hands or face, but also for storing toothbrushes and towels. One of the most important factors of a bathroom vanity is the height. If the piece is too short or too tall, then it cannot accommodate you comfortably. Don’t hurry to install a new vanity in your bathroom. There are two common heights for bathroom vanities; they are 30 and 48 inches. The following are several advantages and disadvantages of 30 and 48-inch bathroom vanities.


We begin first with the 30-inch bathroom vanities. You should know that vanities in 30 inches of height are the common choice of homeowners in the past, but they’re rarely used today. Modern people tend to be taller physically if compared with their ancestors. 30-inch bathroom vanities are certainly too short for accommodating them comfortably. However, the units will be very suitable for kids. 30-inch bathroom vanities often come in wonderful classic designs. Most of them employ wood as the main material and boast . If you want to give impressive classic touch to your bathroom, the best choice is installing a 30-inch vanity there.


Since modern people tend to have tall physic, what they need are 48-inch bathroom vanities. 48 inches is the standard height of almost all contemporary bathroom vanities. Designers and manufactures determine the size based on long research. They come to the conclusion that people feel so comfortable when using vanities which measure 48 inches in height. The units allow them to wash their hands and face easily and comfortably. A 48-inch bathroom vanity, however, cannot accommodate kids very well because it’s too tall. You’ll need to place a small bench in front of the piece, so that a kid can use it. Contemporary 48-inch bathroom vanities usually do not present artistic designs, but they’re still able to offer beauty.


Some people think that all bathroom vanities are the same, but the fact is otherwise. The height of a bathroom vanity even greatly determines its level of comfort and functionality. After reading this post, I hope you can decide the most appropriate vanity for your bathroom. Consider your own height and the height of all the bathroom users. You’ll finally know which one is the most appropriate choice between the 30 an.




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