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The Standard Dining Table Sizes to Seat 12 Dinners Comfortably Decor Inspiring

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If you your family is big, then your home requires a dining table which can seat at least 12 persons. The piece will ensure that each member of your family is accommodated. A warm and enjoyable dinner experience then will occur everyday. Therefore, consider seriously the shape and size of a dining table. A large round table is able to accommodate 12 dinners, but it also creates too long distance for conversations to flow. The piece will not be able to evoke an intimate feel. The use of rectangular or square dining table is much more recommended.


A rectangular dining table will seat 12 dinners comfortably if the top measures about 180 inches long and 42 inches wide. You then can place four chairs at each long section; and one chair at each short section. The long rectangular table is so perfect for holding not only large dinner, but also birthday party and Christmas celebration. You can also use it to entertain neighbors or guests on special occasions. Make sure the table embraces a style that fits the main concept of your dining room. Thus, there will be a harmonious ambience there which finally results in memorable dining experiences.


The short sections of a rectangular dining table are usually occupied by parents or respected persons. If you want to create a more casual atmosphere where everyone feels to have the same position, then just use a square dining table. 99-inch square dining table can seat 12 persons very well, while saving more space in a room. Each section of the piece can accommodate three chairs. A minimalist dining room will certainly look nice with the table. Choose a square dining table with white marble top to get beauty and luxury.


When deciding to buy a dining table to seat 12 persons, don’t forget to consider the size of your dining room. Since the furniture is large, then it will not be suitable for a small space. You also need to think of the piece material. Wood, marble and fiberglass are the common materials for dining table. However, most homeowners prefer a table made of wood because it can deliver warm and intimate atmosphere. A wooden dining table will look more wonderful when you decorate it with a few potted flowers or candle holders. If you also require elegant nuance, then complete the dining room furniture with black leather upholstered chairs.




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