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If you ask me about the best table for a family’s dining room, my answer is the round one. A round dining table is perfect for holding intimate dining experiences. The piece does not have sharp corners or awkward angles, allowing all dinners to see each other, face-to-face. When eyes meet other eyes, then conversations will occur naturally and easily. The right size for a round table depends on how many members of your family. If you want to seat eight persons comfortably, what you need is a 72-inch round dining table.


Although painted in black, this round dining table doesn’t deliver too formal impression. A family can still use it to enjoy dinner in casual and relaxing atmosphere. The black round dining table even comes with a built-in lazy Susan that allows each dinner to reach food placed on the center. A glass vase of white flowers gives lovely touch to the piece. Seven beautiful traditional chairs surround it, which also means that the table can accommodate seven persons. There’s still space for another one chair, but seven seems to be more than enough.


Round table tends to appear more captivating if compared with the square or rectangular ones. However, the character of a table is actually also determined by its base. Classic round dining tables can feel so artistic because they often feature intricate carved base. You may combine them with wonderful patterned area rug. Meanwhile, some contemporary round tables exude uniqueness because they usually come with extraordinary or creative base. Another factor that can greatly determine the value of a table is the material. The round top of a table can be made of wood, glass, granite, or another material. Each material has its own advantages and impressions. Well, what kind of 72-inch round dining table that you will use for your room?


Round dining tables are available in various sizes. According to many interior designers, a round table that’s 48 inches in diameter can seat four persons comfortably; a 54-inch table is good for five persons; a 60-inch table is ideal for six persons; and a 72-inch table is the right choice to accommodate eight persons. I do not recommend the use of a round dining table with top that’s larger than 72 inches because it’s too big, so that conversations cannot occur easily. Too large table will also create a dead space on the center area.




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