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Exhibiting stunning style with very simple decoration, a bathroom with turquoise painted wall gives its awe differently. The concrete wall above the bathtub shows gorgeous scratched pattern for artistic look, and the brown shower curtain brings the perfection into the vibe as well as the others. Your sight may stop at the small, simple and slim freestanding sink beneath the wall. Yeah, it looks dangerously exclusive and elegant. Then, you must realize how Houston successfully touches your bathroom with fascinating detail. Anyway, thanks again to the simplicity, and even the simple mirror on the wall also contributes appealing tone!


It is not Houston if it gives only boredom. In contrast, Houston always offers something new to every single furniture made. Not only the shape, but the way it is arranged is also sensational to achieve not only function but also outlook. A modern black wooden vanity with white top seems to prove the idea with a single tower grabbing the ceiling. It makes boundary to divide the area of two round frameless wall mirrors. Then, you may praise the golden lighting from the wall lamps that deliver the most enchanting result in the footage. What a perfect bathroom vanity design!

60 Bathroom Vanity Double Sink Wood 60 Bathroom Vanity Double 60 Bathroom Vanity Double Sink 60 Bathroom Vanity Double Sink

In addition, looking at the vanity design stacked on the creamy wall panel, it will remind you to the sense of minimalism. Yeah, it belongs to the design of minimalism, but houston makes it a lot different with unique black wall storage board containing two frameless wall mirrors. The sinks added above the black wooden vanity are also unique with geometrical shape that futuristic.


Filling the space of open plan, I guess everybody will never say no to own this amazing design of bathroom vanity. Another design that is not less amazing is the one poured with the tone of angel, white. It looks classically exclusive with single storage. The black top is the one exhibiting contrast detail to the appearance. So much fun to have this kind of stuff in the bathroom!


From several designer, I know that you must have been well acquainted with the name of Houston! Yeah, it is the most famous designer for furniture in the interior, especially bathroom. It embraces the style from the classic to the urban, and it never make any boring design so far. Therefore, the exclusive design is branded with price tag. However, to buy the classy and posh look, there is no expensive word in your life. The thing that you must achieve bathroom vanity from Houston is undeniable!



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