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Size is not the main priority of modern design. You’ll be able to apply modern design in both small and large bathroom. When there’s commitment to give modern look for a bathroom, creating spacious feel there is a must. Installing mirrors, glass shower enclosure and floating vanities is common way to take.


If privacy is not a problem, you may also install wide glass window that can display outdoor scenery. All those elements will make the overall atmosphere of the bathroom to feel light and spacious.Decorations for a modern bathroom should be kept to a minimum. They also need to go together harmoniously with the color scheme. If the bathroom is small, make sure that each decorative item presents one color only.


I also suggest you to choose bathroom fixtures with simple or straight line, so they will produce minimalist silhouette. The last thing to consider carefully is lighting. The use of appropriate lighting is actually the fundamental of a modern bathroom design. The lighting should be bright, but also energy efficient at the same time. Brightness will give a way for cleanliness and freshness to come. Optimize the use of sunlight during the day if possible. Modern design is just charming!

modern minimalist house design

Modern design was previously only applied in the bedroom and living room, but it’s now also being brought into the bathroom. Modern bathroom design has even become the biggest buzz in the recent interiors world. Cleanliness, freshness and sleek line are positive things offered by modern design. A modern bathroom must exude stylish, inviting and warm aura. It’s rather difficult to get such quality when using other design types.


Modern bathroom design tends to always deal with authentic materials. Each piece or item that you incorporate into a modern bathroom should show its original character. In other words, you’re not allowed to hide the true nature. This honesty will finally produce natural beauty. Light color, especially white is the ideal choice for all modern bathrooms. However, you may combine it with bold color for evoking awesomeness.



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