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ALNO has presented the modern black white kitchen for less. It stands on the white tile floor and the laminate wood. The minimalist plan makes you put it in small area with stylish straight island bar. Well, the small bar is combined with unique brown stools. It only looms on the corner and the rest white countertop space is let vacant. Further, this room has cool white built-in pantry cabinet on bold black wall. It has some luxurious metal appliances and also the dark backsplash. By the way, this floor plan is good and it gets the right view.


Next, there is awesome neutral kitchen design from ALNO. Obvious, the decoration is messy enough with nice black and white furniture sets. Such as you know, this open space has striking color scheme on the kitchen island. It is the turquoise fruit bowl centerpiece. Then, this floor plan combines the catchy bookshelves room divider. The third is the stupendous ALNO design for great kitchen. On the grey floor tile, you see the splendid small kitchen island bar with pillowed bench. This uncategorized furniture demonstrates the long pantry cabinet on the grey slate stone wall. Overall, this space gives tranquil sense.


Further, there is shabby chic kitchen design with outdoor lightings. Trendy u shaped furniture sets consists of the two tones pantry cabinet and luminous wall shelf. Afterward, it is added with superb unfinished wooden bar. Hereinafter, I have the luxurious brown white kitchen which looms aside the living area. Seemly, it is decorated with dynamic floor plan in modular shape.


Then, you are recommended with compact dark kitchen. I think all of this kitchen style always involves the outdoor lighting. Well, this idea is good and makes you own the energy efficient home. This last picture hangs the extra black wooden furniture items on the brown laminate wood on white wall. Both wall storage designs face off the gothic. Hi guys, how are you? I hope you get the nice day and it becomes the best time for my new introduction. Today, I bring special thing for your kitchen design that takes the custom of modern and the contemporary European style. It is spotted in 4 The Blvd, Leeds LS12, England. The name is the ALNO kitchens in which it has been inspired a lot of people since over the 85 years ago.




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