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Sofa is not simply a seating where you can sit on, lay on and even sleep on. Sofa is one of many furniture in the home interior that comforts you with outlook, feeling and touch. It offers you smooth surface that makes you comfortable to stay longer. Therefore, decorating sofa is also important as decorating the home itself. Besides applying slipcover to embrace the whole surface, engaging to some pillows is another idea to have wonderful sofa design idea. Below are some decorative pillows for sofa that worth to know!


Dealing with the sofa in the sunroom, you must think about the spring as the greatest time to spend the room. It is still too cold to go outside, but it is too boring to spend the whole time in the house. Therefore, escaping to the sunroom is the best idea to enjoy some buds outside with colorful look through the floor to ceiling glass window. In addition, you have to suit the sofa with spring mood, so you can gain optimal nuance in the vibe. White sofa with wooden frame is the best seating to conform the turquoise and purple pillows combination. There is also a blanket throw that will cover you laying on the sofa!


Another sunroom gets the touch of modernist with super bright blue slip covered sofa. It is flashing bright accent in the room with all white domination filling the air. Aside of that blue sectional sofa, the one bathed with gray and white color with stripe pattern also attack the room with stylish outlook. Undeniable that there are plenty of colorful pillows added on the sofa in orange, white and even blue itself. Thanks to the white tufted coffee table to keep the balance of the space. I like how the retreat is designed fully open with spring mode!


Living in vintage home design, it pushes you to install some vintage furniture as well like vintage sofa design. Yeah, this is the most perfect vintage creamy long sofa with tan wooden frame idea. it gives special and total touch of vintage retro style through some pillows added on the sofa. They are all patterned with some quirky retro style like big bird picture, floral, and also colorful diamond. They of course give stunning result for elegant sofa idea, and you can deny how artistic the decorative pillows are with that magnificent pattern applied on the cover!




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