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The first fresh kitchen coming from online media is the one with white tone. It is a modern and spacious kitchen design applying open concept to save the energy. There is a large black framed sliding glass door extends the kitchen to the backyard and outdoor patio, and looking up to the ceiling, you will find a stylish vault skylight spreading fresh light and air in the same time. With black combination applied here and there, this kitchen is not the one with flat look and even boring. It is a playful kitchen with adorable cabinet choice and flooring. I like the way the designer setting the nuance into that casual!


Exhibiting vibrant color in the kitchen becomes a hot trend in this 2015. It is no longer taboo and unstylish to have flashing orange kitchen in the house. spending the white room in the home is wise to save another space. There is no need to cover the wall with orange tone because the orange cabinet fills it fully from the floor to the ceiling. It brings brightness into the vibe that you will enjoy such refreshing and cheerful kitchen design, and you can make it online!


Another kitchen design is likely the one applying the design of Mediterranean. It is obvious from the details attached like the window as well as the cabinetry inserted. It brings beautiful outlook from the outside through the large glass windows added. With all white furniture, sure, this kitchen shares the best neutral kitchen tone with fresh feeling all over the space. Meanwhile, if you like a kitchen with serene nuance, you can try to apply the one with stone backsplash above the white cabinetry. There is also small glass window in the room sharing fresh light from the outdoor. Once focusing on the floor, you can realize how beautiful it reflecting the tone of evening hue with glossy tone.


Designing interior design via online is now available because so many sources in the internet and mostly are free. There is nothing better to take but the free or the one with lower price, especially for you with great project but tight budget. It is not always bed to have your house designed via online because it offers wide selection of design that you can choose fitting your taste and expectation. Especially kitchen, you can look at some ideas of designing your own kitchen online below!




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