How do you decorate your bathroom lately? Do you only concern about the outlook without considering the function. Yeah, you are right that today’s bathroom is more than any ordinary bathroom in the past. Today’s bathroom is more flexible and of course functional rather than the one it used to be. Now, it is comfortable for you to spend the time in the bathroom with some books. however, have you give the most perfect furniture? If you deserve a nice bathroom, it is better to deal with over toilet storage idea!


Filling a bathroom with gray painted wall is a white toilet, and the storage above it is just so distracting. I know the aim of adding storage above the toilet. It is the way to ease you reaching the toiletries after all the need finish. You may find the washing soap, tissue, and even towel in the storage, so there is no need for you to be bothered with the idea.


Aside of the white over toilet storage, you are also able to choose the one in natural wooden tone. The storage is made like there is no finishing at all, but actually it is plastered with sheer lamination, so you can hardly recognize it. It looks so amazing to pop the interior look of the bathroom with white and gray paint combination on the wall.You can have the towel, soap, tissue and everything else. What do you think?


Further, if you deserve the greater storage, you can try to own the metal racks above the toilet. Yeah, the rack is really wide, it is larger than the toilet itself. Of course, it is capable to load so many stuff inside the slot. I think, all of the toiletries that you need will be covered all in this storage because there is storage bin. You can have the towel, soap, tissue and everything else. What do you think?








Wood Over The Toilet Storage Ideas Regarding Small Apartment Bathroom Storage Ideas Intended For  Property


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