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Even with cheap budget, the living room below shows absolute beauty. It uses a gorgeous blue sectional sofa. This item was bought from a sofa clearance sale so it is pretty cheap. However, the design is so endearing with the red microfiber upholstery and cushioned sofa frame. In front of it, the living room set includes a secondhand coffee table. It is an oval glass table with sturdy iron table frame and a strong tempered glass top. Furthermore, this living room idea offers small glass side table with round top as well. The design becomes more decorative with cheerful beige wall and some photographs hung on it.


Furthermore, we are shown a small but enticing living room design with cheerful furniture selection. This cheap living room uses relatively inexpensive furnishings. The red sofa becomes the centerpiece of the set with amazing details and smooth upholstery. This sofa is supported with strong g base and chic red chenille upholstery. In addition, two red armchairs placed beside it match this cool sofa. Meanwhile, the sofas and the armchairs surround a unique coffee table design. It has gleaming glass top and unique chrome legs. It also stands on a fancy white shag rug. The presence of a compact end table next to the sofa completes the cheap but brilliant furniture set in this living room design.


Here we encounter a really earthy living room with retro interior design. The room has a large sliding door with massive glasses. The furniture set is really inviting. It shows a glossy brown sofa with bonded leather material. On the top of the white sofa cushions, there are some pillows with brown shades. This sofa looks in harmony with a brown storage table in front of it. It has cushioned base and removable top. You can use this table as an alternative storage option for your living room. That’s all we got for cheap living room set images. We hope those images will get you inspired.


Furniture is the key part in designing a living room. However, most people want to have style that makes them to buy expensive furniture. Actually, you can get less expensive living room set furniture if you do some research first. In this post, we try to show you cheap living room set ideas that you can employ on a budget. So, get ready to transform your living room with these cheap furniture designs.




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