Let’s beauty the center of the kitchen space! Of course, your first idea is with placing the counter table. I think this step is not enough without the light fixture. Nowadays, I will add the perfectness of the middle space nuance with lighting. You can choose the most attractive shape from these pictures below. Now, enjoy my tribute of the kitchen island lighting fixtures with pleasure. Well, it is the small dark kitchen with the excellent counter table. This rectangle wood furniture with grey granite countertop is lighted with the classic glass metal chandeliers. Those third hanging items are right with the size of the island style.


Furthermore, you are offered with the fresh entertainment spot. It is visualized with the massive curved white kitchen island with the rattan bar stools. Such as you know, that large furniture design is completed with appliances. Even though, the nuance is imperfect if the catchy white glass pendant light shades lost. I am sure that the appearance of your home office is less exotic. Moreover, the lighting is beautiful with black metal frame. Hereinafter, you are demonstrated with the nice grey kitchen with cool black island. This modular shaped wooden furniture is adorned with the fascinating small chandeliers with the clear glass lampshades.


Definitely, this spot is the most noticeable area in this room. Next, you have the flawless white kitchen from Scandinavian style. This tint space looks warm with the messy decoration. In the center space, there is modest white kitchen island nook with black acrylic chairs. You and the other family members will enjoy the meal under stunning cute lighting fixtures. It is visualized with the transparent glass lampshade with black filament suspender. Hereinafter, you see the glamorous large chandelier shade with modern style. This luminous light fixture adjourns over the masculine graphite kitchen island bar.


Afterward, I show you the rustic exquisite chandeliers for the gothic black white island bars. They enhance the beauty of the center space with crystal beads accessories. In this passage, I present the stylish modest lighting fixtures. These catchy glass filament lamps face off the trendy cooktop on the kitchen island. Overall, it also adorns the kitchen with cheerful sense. The last is about the admirable traditional chandeliers with framed glass shades. Here, they want to show the uniqueness of the tiny black white kitchen island with leveled countertop. It is proven that the kitchen island lighting fixtures really add the beauty of the space whatever the style.







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