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Having a compact furniture in the house is always interesting as you can make it to be as you wish. In addition, it is also the one, which is space saver because you don’t need another furniture as you have already owned the compact one. Aside of that stylish compact furniture, convertible style is now popular that functions as compact as the previous mentioned. It is kind of furniture that is flexible to change the function. For instance, you can look at some Jennifer convertible sofa bed ideas below!


Isn’t it perfect to have a large living room with a convertible sofa bed inside? Of course, anytime you want, you can convert the sofa into bed by flattening the backrest to extend the bed that you deserve. Of course, with its bold and smooth material surface, it is no different with the real bed in the bedroom even more comfortable. It eases you because it is portable to bring outside to the balcony, backyard and even the front porch. The first stunning convertible sofa bed design appears in brown color with velvet material. The plaid texture of the sofa bed gives awesome feeling mirroring extraordinary texture on a luxurious bedding!



Meanwhile, a black modern leather sofa bed design gives awesome style in its super bright glossy look. With its tuft texture added, it juggles the touch into such wonderful feeling, and to flatten the backrest becomes a lot more adorable. It is a light design that will be comfortable to take a nap in the daylight. In addition, bringing the design beneath the window enables you to feel the swinging breeze of the next spring. Currently, you can enjoy peeping outside stealing the look of the white snowflake hitting the ground. Another design of Jennifer convertible sofa bed exhibits a total luxury with purple tone.


Yeah, it is the color you can find easily in some Moroccan interior. The color itself is already cool and luxurious, and once it is added with velvet material, you can imagine how outrageously posh the design is. The armrest once is made for headboard and footboard. The white cushions are the perfect pillows to lean on while laying your head on. A vintage white sofa design becomes the most enchanting design with the touch of natural look. It brings wooden frame bathed with tan color poured with tuft texture all over the surface.



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