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One of the most popular chains of furniture store in American South is Grand Home Furnishings. Although based in Roanoke Virginia, Grand also operates retail stores in West Virginia, Franklin County Virginia and Tennessee. There are four distribution companies which supply products for the stores. People now know Grand as furniture seller, but the company initially specialized in musical instruments, especially pianos. Since 1930, they began offering furniture to their customers. They finally focus on furniture and their present official name is Grand Home Furnishings. Keep reading this post to get more information about Grand’s home furniture.


A Grand’s retail store must display a lot of furniture. All pieces, however, are set neatly, so there are comfortable spaces for each visitor to walk and observe them carefully. Whatever you need for your home is provided there. The products include bed frames, dressers, chests of drawers, office desks, etc. Beautiful decorative items are even made available, like table lamps, vases, frames, mirrors, etc. I think the concept of one-stop-shopping is truly applied by the company in all their retail stores. If you live in the Southern United States, visit the closest store from your home to prove the excellent Grand’s service and products! You won’t be disappointed!


The best-selling products in almost all retail stores of Grand are sofas. Sofas from Grand are already well-known for their elegance and warmth. Often coming in black, brown and beige, the living room furniture exudes awesome traditional nuance. There’s no way for you to go wrong by bringing the pieces into your own living room. The sofas will not just provide comfortable seating for family and guests; they can also increase the style level of your space. Combine the sofas with an area rug and a coffee table to enhance their look and function. Homeowners who really know about quality, comfort and style will make Grand’s home furniture pieces as their ultimate choice.


Grand offers not only furniture, but also friendship or companionship. If you visit Grand, especially for the first time, a staff will greet you friendly and give a bottle of Coca-Cola. That’s the company way to create a close friendship with customers. Each visitor can even feel at home. Is the Grand’s furniture comparable with the service? The answer is absolutely ‘yes’! Most pieces in Grand present bold traditional or vintage character. They are made of selected materials and designed excellently by experts.




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