Introducing the Étagère Bathroom as the Familiar Toilet Storage Ideas

Furniture storage design has many names base on the function or style. One of them is the étagère bathroom. Perhaps, you wonder about this strange term because it seemly not comes from English language. Indeed, the name of the furniture is taken from France in which the design is specific. Okay, I give you little […]

Alluring Bathroom Vanities Chicago Inspiring

What do you think about the function of a vanity in your bathroom? Bathroom vanity is one of the most essential things. This item is the centerpiece of your bathroom that serves great functions such as storage, sink, and so on. If you live in Chicago and want to find some nice vanity designs, you […]

Finest Bathroom Storage Ideas for the Best Compact Floor Plan

Hi, guys! Let’s guess what I bring today? Nowadays, you and I will play in bathroom with the creative decoration. You are going to own the most eye catching outlook in from your sanitary room. Surely, you need catchy furniture design to put your bathroom need. Here, I provide the 12 bathroom storage ideas with […]