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A table with glass top can look very elegant. Such table is even versatile; you can bring it into a classic or modern room. Here, I want to discuss some things about glass tops for tables. They have benefits, but there are also a few drawbacks. Everyone should also consider their other features. Well, let’s begin with the benefits or advantages. A table with glass top is great for a small room. The clear surface of the piece will make a space to feel larger. Decorative item, like rug, lying on floor under the glass top can even be visible. This contributes significantly to please your eyes.


A table with glass top can fill any room of a home. However, most homeowners use it as a dining table. When you choose a glass top dining table, give attention to the base. If the base features curvy shapes, the piece will be more suitable for a traditional-style dining room. Meanwhile, a table with streamlined base must present contemporary look, and you should place it in a more modern room. Most dining tables feature wooden, stainless steel, or iron base. Well, two big ceramic pots actually can also function as the base for glass top.


Glass tops for tables come in various thicknesses. You should choose ones that will not easily crack or break. Ideal thickness for the tops is about 3/8 up to ½ inch; they’re strong enough but won’t be too heavy. It’s very necessary to secure the glass with screws or glue to prevent them from sliding. Glass top tables are also available in various shapes, including square, rectangular, round and beveled. If there are kids in your home, you should choose the round ones because they don’t have sharp edges which can injure skin. I hope this post can guide you to get a glass top table that fits your needs and style.


What about the drawbacks? If you touch a glass top table, then your fingerprints must be left on the surface. It means the piece is easy to look dirty. You’ll need to clean it regularly by using soft cloth and water. Moving a glass table top is also difficult task, especially if the size is very large. The process may lead to cracking and breaking. The corners of a rectangular glass top table can even injure a person or kid who runs carelessly into it.




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