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Do you want to revitalize your kitchen in an economical way? Well, just repaint the cabinets! Repainted kitchen cabinets have much greater significance than what you think. Since taking most of the wall space, the chest of drawers pieces greatly determine the overall look and atmosphere. If you give them new color, then your kitchen will also look new.


If your kitchen requires big makeover, but your budget is small, it’s great opportunity to prove the effectiveness of paint color. Try to apply white on the kitchen cabinets! Just in a single day, your gloomy kitchen will turn into a bright and inviting space. The white painted cabinets must create openness and brightness in the kitchen. They can even make clean impression. You may combine the white storage with black countertop to produce awesome combination of colors. Besides white, another good paint color to evoke the freshness and brightness in a kitchen is turquoise.


Meanwhile, black paint can give sophisticated look to a room or space. If you want to lift your kitchen up to the next level of look, recoat the cabinets in black paint. Recoating the storage pieces is certainly not a hard task; it can even be done instantly without spending a lot of money. The simple process brings big difference. To make the kitchen appear more attractive, attach woven-style wallpaper on the walls. Repainted cabinets are truly helpful in revitalizing a kitchen!


Conventional paints usually emit unpleasant smell, which can affect the taste and aroma of foods, stored in a kitchen. Therefore, make sure to only choose paint that qualifies low emission and low odor for the sake of your family health. An environmentally friendly paint often has green logo on its can, so you can indicate it easily. The logo is a kind of certification made by an independent institution, which has big concern on health and environment.




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