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A hallway is usually small or narrow. Installing good light fixtures is necessary to make the space not only brighter, but also more stylish. Know your needs in your hallway very well to determine the right type of lighting. You also have to think whether the fixtures need to match the main style of your home decor or not. Homeowners are rarely use dimmers for hallway, but the lighting fits apartments’ hallway nicely. Wall-hanging mirrors can contribute to make a hallway appear even brighter because of their reflective quality. The following are more ideas on hallway lighting fixtures.


If you want a hallway to have warm atmosphere, traditional lanterns will become the best light fixtures to install. Two or three lanterns are needed to create sufficient brightness in the space. Hang them from the ceiling beautifully. On the floor below the ceiling-mount lanterns, lay a traditional-style, narrow patterned rug for welcoming everyone or guest in warm and friendly manner. A more optimal brightness can be made by painting the hallway’s walls in high-gloss white paint. The walls will then have good reflective quality, almost similar to mirrors.


Recessed lights are very popular choice for hallways, but they tend to evoke modern impression. The lighting fixtures have great ability to illuminate a hallway without taking up space because they are installed into the ceiling. Recessed lights, however, are not so attractive in look. Combining them with bubble chandeliers a way to induce beauty in the hallway. Try to make the recessed lights for surrounding the bubble chandeliers. Then, you may lean horizontally a big rectangular mirror on wall to make greater statement.


Hallway lighting fixtures do not have to hang from the ceiling. A hallway with low ceiling is obviously not ideal for accommodating chandeliers, pendant lights and ceiling-mount lanterns. The space will take more advantages from wall sconces. Just make sure the hallway has average width, so that the light fixtures won’t create smaller feel. Wall sconces are available in a variety of styles, choose the modern ones if you want the hallway to present clean lines and minimalist character. Do not forget convenience factor. Whatever the lighting fixtures you use, they should allow you to turn them on and off easily. Give also serious attention to safety factor. I hope those lighting fixtures ideas can help you to have a charming hallway that you always want and dream.




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